So much to do so little time

2 08 2007

Well it was my intention to blog on a daily basis so I’m only 26 days behind my good intention. I’ve been given lots of good advice as how to bring my blog to life and hopefully I shall get the time to start putting this art form into practice.

Although this has raised an issue with me, should I write copy and embed it with links that will drive readers to my blog? Or should I stay true to my own thoughts and write freely about what I know and believe in?

As yet I’m undecided, on one hand having lots of people read my blogs, and add comments could serve me well in terms of self promotion in the world of Web 2.0 and as a marketer surely I should want the world to hear my views. But then if I need to alter my views to write copy that will make my blog more visible to the world am I making a compromise too far?

My RSS feeds pump literally hundreds of posts to my PC everyday and I find it amazing that anyone can make themselves appear to be a marketing expert. At the same I wonder what any individual can hope to achieve by simply putting the most basic marketing text book principles into their blogs?

I am quickly learning that I need to start editing down the number of blogs I subscribe to and can already see a hardcore of around half a dozen that “speak my language” with views, opinions and information I can respect. These will be the blogs I shall happily add posts to and link with.

As to my content, I’m going to take some more time to think about that one.




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