eBay Vs Mopay

16 08 2007

Two months ago I decided to sell my new Prada mobile phone, mainly because although the phone is beautiful to look at, it was absolutely impossible to TXT at the speed I operate at.

So the said phone was listed on eBay and I waited for the bids to flood in. However, what happened instead was 8 weeks of fending off scammers,who wanted me to send the phone to just about every nation on the planet other than the UK, or buyers who failed to pay, or in the last instance a buyer who turned out to be fraudulent.

Hmmmm, just how frustrating was that experience, and I ended up with an unsold phone after wasting hours listing, re-listing, bid blocking, member reporting and so forth.

I know from experience that eBay is a good place to buy and sell goods, but in this case it was a total nightmare, you would hope that the bods at eBay will find a way to stop these unscrupulous members from operating on the site.

My story does however have a happy ending, on the recommendation of friend, I sent my phone to Mopay on Monday and have received a cheque payment for it today, just three days later – no fuss, no hassle and no scamming.

From this experience I have learnt that:

1 eBay is far too open to abuse, and this needs to be addressed to keep genuine people using the site.

2 Whilst eBay is a huge success, over time if these issues are not resolved potential users will be driven away from the site and start using other similar sites, which ultimately will have an adverse effect on profitability.

3 Good old fashioned word-of-mouth recommendation, in this case Mopay, is still one of the most effective marketing tools.




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