Who can you trust?

13 12 2007

I currently have 30 RSS feeds that drop me marketing news and features on a daily basis, and yet of these there are probably four or five that I know will consistently tell me something new, interesting and useful.

Of the others, well sometimes worth a look, but generally all too often its scan the headline then delete. But it does make me ponder that unless you question the content and the credentials of the author you really have very little assurance of the validity and quality of the words you are reading.

If  you are more questioning in your outlook this isn’t really going to be an issue, but particularly for young people it may well be all too easy for them to be influenced by content that isn’t accurate.

The upside is that everyone now has the opportunity to have their say and share their thoughts and views with the world.

I would however hope that children, and a fair few adults are taught to question what they read and not accept that everything they see on the internet as being fact. 




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