Decorating revelation

22 04 2008

For the last few weeks I’ve been busy decorating my house and making untold trips to DIY stores. Now I was dreading this and fully expecting shoddy service from disinterested shop assistants. But what I’ve found has been some excellent customer service from knowledgeable and helpful assistants. Interestingly it’s not been one particularly DIY retailer that has impressed me the most. Instead I’m happy to give praise to Wicks on Penarth Road in Cardiff and B&Q in Pontypridd.

I have had good experiences in these stores on more than one occasion and to my mind this shows just how important it is for retailers to realise just how significant their staff are as ambassadors of their brands.

Of course when I needed a very specific hing for my cellar trap door the big DIY chains didn’t stock them so my next revelation was Toolbox the small independent retailer in Canton Cardiff. Here the store is tiny and crammed to the rafters with all things DIY and yes the service was excellent and they also had my hinges.

Sort of amazes me that a tiny store can seem to stock everything but a big store can’t.

I know there is an argument that these unusual fittings are low demand and you won’t sell many, but I believe that you can counter this by suggesting that if customers know they will always find what they want in your store they will always come to your store. Which means of course they will spend more in your store, be happier with your store and tell more people about your store. I’m pleased that the independent retailers haven’t lost site of this aspect of customer service.

So other than choosing the wrong type of gloss I’m pleased to say that my decorating experience has been very good so far.





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