Simple Marketing Introduction

23 04 2008

One of the biggest challenges with Marketing is determining the correct components to create an effective marketing programme for your business. For larger businesses there is usually the luxury of a Marketing Department that will devise strategy, build, deliver and monitor the plan. But for smaller businesses Marketing will often be undertaken as one of the many jobs the business owner has to undertake to ensure the success of their enterprise.

This in itself poses a challenge because people who run their own businesses ae generally very time pressured and with Marketing being a diverse and complex discipline it can be all to easy to either miss opportunities, rely on ineffectual solutions or simply not fully develop the marketing programme.

At the same time the Marketing industry doesn’t help itself by using the maximum amount of jargon to make simple things seem complex, and by inference expensive. Which understandably will be enough to make many small businesses run for the hills other than think about engaging marketing support.

So I’m making it my mission to talk about Simple Marketing and will through this blog run a series of features that will focus on simple marketing techniques that businesses should consider as part of their marketing activities. Specifically the Simple Marketing Series will, based on my own experience, aim to show small businesses how they can benefit through effective marketing.




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