Good News!

30 04 2008

Opportunity Wales, the organisation I work for has recently been selected to be a European Commission best practice case study. This is a great achievement for our team and tell you a little more about it, below is a copy of the press release I have issued regarding this success.

Opportunity Wales Marketing

PRESS RELEASE                                                               25 April 2008


For Immediate release




Opportunity Wales acknowledged by European Commission



Opportunity Wales, the eCommerce support initiative, has been selected by the European Commission to be a featured case study on its Regional Policy Web site. The initiative has been included as one of only 12 case studies from across Europe that have been acknowledged as providing best practice amongst the projects that provide Applications and Services for SME’s.


Being selected as one of the Information Society’s case studies means that other projects across Europe can learn from the experiences of Opportunity Wales, that over the last 7 years have seen more than 12,000 Welsh small and medium sized businesses in the Objective 1 and 2 areas of Walesreceive expert, impartial eCommerce advice and support.


Being selected as a best practice case study by the European Commission is a huge accolade for Opportunity Wales and acknowledges that the work of the project, including it’s innovative CRM based business support model, is worthy of the consideration and even adoption by other European projects.


The case study itself provides a comprehensive overview of how the Opportunity Wales programme was developed, implemented and managed and highlights the key areas of innovation that helped the initiative to be selected as a best practice case study. 

(The Opportunity Wales case study can be viewed by following this link:


Commenting on being selected as a case study, Opportunity Wales Chief Executive Christine Holvey said “this is an exceptional achievement for the




Opportunity Wales team, and it is an important acknowledgement of the quality of

service we have been able to provide by adopting a central management approach to the delivery of large business support initiative. This has always been one of the key differentiators of the Opportunity Wales project, which has helped to ensure that we have been able to deliver a highly successful and beneficial eCommerce support programme for the Welsh business community.”





Note to editors:


For any further information regarding Opportunity Wales please contact:


John Jackson, Strategic Head of Marketing


Tel:      01443 743173

Mob:   07736 156842





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