When the going gets tough…….

22 05 2008

I returned from holiday last week to a very different UK, it seemed that in the space of just 10 days that the country had lost all its confidence and that gloom and doom was now order of the day.

OK lots of things are happening in the economy that will make life uncomfortable for just about everyone and although well documented I will list them as follows:

  • The Credit Crunch – things must be serious now the media have given it a name!
  • Falling House Prices
  • Increased Fuel Prices
  • Increased Food Prices
  • The Strong Euro.

None of this looks encouraging and we have enjoyed several feel good years, but do we have to add to these depressing circumstances by adding so much gloom and doom. One thing any and every business can have is confidence. It costs nothing and by keeping a positive attitude and mind-set arguably businesses will be better placed to look for new opportunities, new customers, new marketplaces and new business.

So what’s the best option for the business community:

  • Buy into all the gloom and doom and let the economic slowdown take its toll?
  • Be strong and confident and look to fight the challenges the next few years may pose?

I hope that businesses choose the latter. There are for example a myriad of eBusiness applications that enterprises can deploy to help them become more efficient and gain new customers.

Yes times will be tough but to my mind the best way forward is for businesses to remain confident, be strong and rise to the challenges the economic environment will present.





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