Win Customers With GOOD Service

15 07 2008

“Win Customers With GOOD Service” – you may think this is stating the obvious, but having shopped on-line for a number of years now I have become very aware of those businesses that are well organised, efficient and good at serving me as a customer. And at the same time I am also aware of those businesses that trade on-line and offer a poor service.

Now you can guess which ones I shop with and recommend and the ones I avoid and moan about.

I’m not going to name names but my recent example came to buying a sign for my cottage. Google searching found me some potential suppliers, but I decided I wanted my sign to be made in here in Wales. A local company offered the service. However, as I wanted a slightly different size to the standard one offered I had to call and ask if this could be done and for a proof to be sent to me.

The first phone call was fine and I was told a proof would be sent to me later that day. Guess what no proof, so I called back the following day and was told they were busy and that  a proof would be eMailed to me. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock a few days later still no proof. No one from the business called me, so I called them again and was told they were having problems with eMail. I suggested they could fax the proof to me, the response being “our fax has run out of ink.”

At this point I simply said, well I would be grateful if you could get the proof to me as soon as possible. I was told that it would come to me as soon as possible. Well that was several weeks ago, and yeap you’ve guessed it still no proof.

So what did I do, went back on the Internet found another business this time in England who provided me with an exceptional service. No problem getting the proof to me, they were happy to answer my questions and they delivered the sign to me on the day they said they would and I even had an eMail to confirm delivery on the following day. The sign arrived, in perfect condition – job done and I’m a very happy customer.

Even better this sign cost me £20 less than the original. So a big thank you and well done to Atlantic Signs who certainly know how to serve their customers and run their business.

So the moral here is simple, yes we are heading into recession, so less money will be spent. But importantly consumers will still be spending – so if you want to loose sales provide a poor service and let your customers down. If you want to keep winning sales, pay attention to detail, provide your customers with an exceptional service, make sure your systems are working and well maintained, be passionate about being the best and you will be best placed to weather the economic downturn.




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