Time in short supply! Support in big demand!

22 07 2008

OK with best intentions I’d be blogging everyday but life has been just a bit manic lately, not least due to having my garden wall demolished before it fell down into the lane and my kitchen ceiling collapsing because of a water leak in the bathroom above. Ah the joy of living in an old cottage!

At the same time everyone at Opportunity Wales (Including myself) have been busy getting our new project Opportunity Wales eGrowth started – and this Thursday we will be starting off with our first eBusiness workshop and our new Web site will launch imminently too.

To put a new business support project together in a matter of weeks is impressive and does I believe reflect well on our entire team. Equally encouraging has been the response we have had from Welsh businesses to attend the workshops. All of the invitations have been issued by eMail and we are filling venues at the fastest rate I have ever encountered.

This is indicative of the strength of demand for expert, impartial advice and support amongst the Welsh business community. I find this hugely encouraging because it shows that there is a clear appetite amongst businesses to effectively deploy eBusiness applications to grow their enterprises. From experience this can often be daunting for smaller businesses because they don’t have the luxury of an IT department or IT person even and most of their time is spent running their business. So for these small businesses to be actively seeking support shows they value the benefits eBusiness can offer them, but at the same time they are often uncertain as to how it can work for them and which applications they should be using.

This is where our workshops are of great benefit, the businesses will learn about key eBusiness topics and can either apply them to themselves or go with confidence to suppliers to seek third party solutions. Essentially, we are providing confidence and inspiration for these businesses to move forward in the world of eBusiness.

And OK my ceiling will have to wait just a bit longer before it gets fixed!




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