Marketing goes beyond being a “Support Function”

1 09 2008

Just recently in a conversation with myself someone referred to marketing as a support function for businesses. I was a bit taken aback as I thought this view of the marketing profession had long since been eradicated.

So just briefly I’d like to say that yes many of marketing – the things you see, hear and experience could be classified as support functions, in so much as they are promoting the business, it’s goods and services.

But, importantly any business of any size or sector can benefit by taking a marketing focused approach to all of it’s operations. By doing so the marketing ceases to be a support function and instead shifts to becoming an integral aspect of the business.

For example a marketing focused business will:

  • Appreciate, understand and deploy an effective Internal Marketing strategy. This shows you value and appreciate the people who work for you, and importantly engenders a far greater sense of belonging to the business, which in-turn helps to create a more positive environment for everyone and further helps to turn your workforce into ambassadors for your business.
  • Use marketing to look for new opportunities to develop and grow the business. Effective market research opens up a business to new markets, new products and new customers.
  • Understand the importance of seeking out new ways to communicate and market to potential customers.
  • Analyse current economic and sector trading conditions.
  • Continually develop the brand(s) to ensure they remain relevant.
  • Value the importance of a defined NPD programme.

These are just a few of the ways a more marketing orientated organisation will use the discipline to its advantage. Those businesses that still consider marketing to be a “support function” run the risk of underestimating the true power and potential of marketing, and in our rapidly changing world this is a risk that will increase over time.




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