eBusiness Workshops Deliver Results

19 09 2008

During this summer we’ve arranged a series of eBusiness workshops across Wales. The aim of the workshops has been to show businesses how to best take advantage of applications such as PPC, SEO, Adwords and Analytics.

Delivered by Dr Phil Lee, Strategic Head of Web Services at Opportunity Wales the workshops gave in particular people who run their own small and medium sized enterprises the opportunity to gain hands on experience of these critically important applications. In the current economic climate this could not have been more timely and well received, after each workshop we asked attendees to complete feedback forms and consistently the responses we received were excellent.

A significant reason for this excellent response has been down to the quality of the content and delivery, Phil really does go to great lengths to understand the needs of people running their own businesses and then ensures his content will be appropriate and where possible highly cost effective for them to implement.

In organising the workshops I have been surprised to find just how easy it has been to “fill the room.” In fact as soon as Owain was sending the eMail invitations the responses were coming straight back in. This is encouraging as it shows that the Welsh business community want to fully embrace not just the basics of eBusiness but also the more sophisticated applications. And importantly it shows they don’t want their on-line presence to become static and less competitive. Yet at the same time understanding that these businesspeople don’t have the luxury of an IT department to do everything for them, helped to ensure that Phil could tailor the content so that they would be able to take away a raft of new ideas and things to do, to improve the performance of their sites.

Being present at the workshops I also found it hugely encouragingĀ to see the determination of the businesses to ensure that they make eBusiness work effectively and profitably for them. All in all it was a great pleasure to be a part of the team that has delivered an important and beneficial series of eBusiness workshops to such willing audiences across Wales.

If you would like to find out more about the work of Opportunity Wales, please visit our Web site at www.opportunitywales.co.uk




One response

1 11 2008

I fully agree and it is so important, particularly now for me to find new ways to support my own business. Although I couldn’t make it to the workshops I’ve found the Web site to be a great help and its good to find information I can trust.

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