The Power of Words.

30 10 2008

Well no doubt Mr Ross and Mr Brand could add a lot to this post, but their actions do very succinctly show just how powerful words can be. In particular it shows just how powerful irresponsible comments can be, a sentiment no doubt Mr Ratner would endorse from his comments in the 1980’s.


All marketers need to remember this, as their outputs in any media can have the power to pull their organisation down.


Conversely, I have reminded my Board of Directors that for the last 7 years our business has never had any bad publicity. This is an important message to put across, because whilst it is my role to make everything look seamless and easy, the truth is to build, develop and maintain good relations with the media is not a simple task.


Likewise to ensure that the key people in your organisation present the same positive message about the business also needs to be carefully nurtured. This may not generate as much publicity, because as we can see at the moment its bad news that travels fast, but what it does do is generate respect and even good will for your organisation.


These are attributes that are hard to quantify and hard to put a value on, but remembering what can happen when individuals go on record with inappropriate comments and the consequences that can follow should be taken kept fresh in the minds of marketing professionals when they or any of their agencies are putting forward any public facing materials.




One response

31 10 2008

There’s a saying that “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” but your post highlights that it is pretty vital for companies to have a press office, or at least someone with overall responsibility for communiqees. Either that or staff with a public facing roll should have training on what constitutes good press relations!

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