More Gloom & Doom…..

13 11 2008

Don’t you just get the feeling that we are at the top of the rollercoaster and are about to plunge over the edge into the black hole of recession.

The media regardless of which vehicle(s) you use is loading on the misery, this week it’s increased unemployment and the Bank of England chipping in by telling us things are worse than they predicted etc etc etc.


So with all this gloom and doom surrounding us, many businesses will no doubt be racking their brains as to how they can weather the recession. This can lead to kneejerk reactions and poorly planned marketing activity designed to do some short-term fire-fighting which ultimately can be both costly and unproductive.


Instead, this needs to be a time when businesses look closely at their operations and find ways to improve their activities. Ultimately would it not be more productive to do better marketing rather than just doing more marketing?


For example, when appropriately undertaken SEO can and does drive traffic to Web sites. But why not ask yourself: “What work can be done to improve the SEO of my business’ Web site.”


If you are uncertain, Dr Philip Lee has posted a very useful article on the Opportunity Wales Web site that will help to show you ways to further improve the SEO of your site. (


This is just one small area of a business’ marketing activities that can and should be reviewed to help the enterprise be better placed to fight off the gloom and doom of the recession.

It really is time to hold on tight!




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