One Life – Live It

6 01 2009

Waiting to drive across a roundabout the other day a 4×4 went past with “One Life  – Live It” written across the back window.  Being the start of 2009 it struck me as one of those beautifully to the point mantras that sums it all up in as few a words as possible.

Even more significant as 2009 is going to be a difficult year due to the recession etc, it does help to highlight that no matter what, life goes on and it sure is important to live it!

A few years ago “One Life – Live It” would be a charter for all good hedonists. But today,  it may well become reflective of a new way of living that is starting to emerge. 

And although this is in part going to be forced on people due to the economic downturn, it will no doubt be reflective of people discovering the simple pleasures of life, from spending quality time with friends and family to simply going for a walk etc.

All of which does mean that the marketing profession is going to have to work a lot harder to gain spend from consumers. But I could suggest that the current position we are in is very much a transitional period. So for example stores are trying to sell stock that was bought before the recession cut in and based their ranges and volumes on more optimistic projections.

However, there can be only so many sales and now is the time for retailers to look at what they sell and to be prepared to realign their product offer to be in keeping with the new way of living that is emerging.

But for now , I do still think that bringing it right back to basics and remembering that we all have “On Life – Live It” is a great foil to the gloom and doom that is surrounding us all.




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