New Marketing for a New Era

8 01 2009

So 2009 is going to be a tough year and winning sales will require changes in the way we market in order to challenge the decline in consumer confidence.

Such changes will be needed if for example you concur with the view that we are moving from an era where it was easy to sell anything to anyone, (in a time when credit was plentiful and people had a love affair with shopping), to a time where consumers are being cautious and their purchasing decisions are going to be much more considered. On this basis the need to change the way we market becomes self evident.

Yes it goes without saying that the level of online marketing activity will continue to increase, but for this to be optimally effective the messages it ultimately leads customers too will need to be adjusted to ensure they appropriately resonate with their audience.

To gain sales time would be well spent thinking about the mindset your current and potential customers are currently living in.

For example if you are a small service provider and know that there are larger more expensive competitors, logic would suggest that their customers are looking for ways to save money by changing supplier.

But you will stand a better chance of winning this business if you adjust your marketing message to ensure you have a greater appeal to this potential new customer. Start by trying to think why they didn’y choose you in the first instance, did they think being small made you not as good as the bigger business? You could then counter this by providing them with reassurance that even though you are a small business you provide an excellent service; have a strong track record and satisfied customers who will vouch for you.

Overall because times are changing now is the time to change marketing messages to make them, more:

·     Relevant

·     Compelling

·     Persuasive

·     Reassuring

Importantly don’t just change messages for the sake of it; instead ensure that any changes are based on good logic, derived from careful thought and consideration for both your existing customer base and the potential new customers you need to attract.




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