No No No No No……

22 01 2009

Something got me angry last night!

So I get home the phone rings and a wonderful computer generated voice greets me with:

 Hello, when was the last time you reviewed your gas and electricity charges…..”

No surprise I hung up without bothering to listen to the rest of this call.

This type of marketing activity undermines the marketing profession, and importantly shows a lack of care or consideration for the potential customer, and ultimately such practices should not be allowed.


The problem with telephone marketing is that you are interrupting people in their own homes, you are forcing them to pick-up the phone. So to not even have the common decency of having a real human at the end of the phone is simply disrespectful.


You could argue this is no more than the telephone equivalent of DM, but I can choose when to open my mail so the irritation factor involved in opening a poorly executed piece of DM (I don’t mind good, intelligent and creative DM) is nowhere near as irritating as forcing me to go and answer my phone.


I’ve never been a fan of telemarketing but arguably there can be a time and a place for it. However, as for automated telemarketing messages, the message is simple – No.




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