Customer Service on Trial Part 2

20 08 2009

Oh dear its not looking too good, after Welsh Water called me on August 5th to tell me that someone would be contacting me to arrange a visit, guess what – no one has called.

Just to add to the confusion on August 5th I was told they would contact me within 5 working days, so I called back on the 13th only to be told they have up to to 10 working days to contact me and arrange to come out.

So today their 10 working days are up and you guessed it I’ve still not been contacted. I’ve just called Welsh Water and am now waiting for the Customer Service Agent I am dealing with to call me back. So far he has provided a good service, but it seems their systems aren’t very customer centric.

One annoying point to this is that back on August 5th I had contacted my plumber for him to come out and see if he could find a leak, but on Welsh Waters advice I was told to put him on hold.

So essentially in the space of the last 2 weeks this matter is no further towards being resolved.

I do get the feeling this will become a protracted matter, oh dear!




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