Superdrug “Dares” to be different

14 02 2011

Superdrug is breaking new ground with Dare their in-store customer magazine by using watermark technology to allow customers shop from the magazine with their smartphones.

As reported in Marketing Week, these digital watermarks embedded in the publication will also allow readers to scan the magazine to access interactive video and further information. Significantly this is the first UK customer magazine to use this technology.

 You can read the full feature here:’s-customer-mag-dares-to-go-digital/3023352.article

I like this idea because, whilst there is and will continue to be, an increase in the use of smartphones there is still an important role for physical communication materials to play. Retailers for example still need to take into consideration customers who don’t have smartphones, and even those who’ve yet to embrace their full functionality.

The strength of watermark technology is that it offers an innovative and convenient way for customers to interact not just with the publication but also with the brand.

Ongoing it will be interesting to see how quickly and widely watermark technology is adopted, and which sectors make the most use of it. Beyond retailers you can easily imagine its adoption in sectors such as tourism, the arts, leisure and technology.

Watermark technology certainly seems to have the potential to impact massively on the industry as it effectively creates a bridge between both new and traditional media.




2 responses

16 02 2011

Hi John

I’ve recently used QR codes as part of a ‘win an ipad’ treasure hunt style campaign to raise awareness of some new product websites – they are easy to set up and a great link between the physical and digital. Teachers seem to be using them creatively in classrooms too, so it was a good link for our audience. Even better when there are so many free QR code readers for smart phones, like Sticky Bits and iNigma…

16 02 2011

Hi Cory, I’m with you there is great potential for QR codes and I’m looking forward to making good use of them at some point this year. I really like your treasure hunt idea because as you say its a neat way to use digital in a context that is both interesting and fun!!!

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