Will the bar be raised?

6 11 2012

The wraps are coming off retailer’s Christmas 2012 campaigns, which reminded me of the amazing ad run by John Lewis last year.
This execution significantly raised the bar and has had over 4.3million views on YouTube to date.
Creating an ad that will make people talk about it, ideally for the right reasons, is a big challenge.
However with the potential for it to be shared quickly and easily, at the concept stage, a simple question is worth asking – “will people talk about this, will they want to share it?”
If the answer is a confident yes, and ideally confirmed by pre-testing, then the ad could have a chance of gaining the level of viewing figures enjoyed by the John Lewis advert.
Here’s the ad in question, enjoy and lets see how it compares to the 2012 Christmas campaigns.


Sofa so Good

16 10 2012

We’ve seen an interesting series of ads from DFS this year. These offer a new more engaging view of their products and provide a refreshing change to the “Sale Now On” messages they’ve used extensively in the past.
If my research is right, much of this has been achieved by Krow Communications and an example of one the ads is shown below.
The “Making everyday more comfortable” strap line supports the execution well.
In terms of customer engagement I also like the way they promote the fact that everything is handmade to order. That being the case a video showing the sofa story from customer order through manufacture and onto delivery could work well for DFS.
Made to order reminded me of my Grandma’s chair. She wasn’t a very tall women and had one of the chairs in her three piece suite (those were the days) made with a shorter seat. This meant she could sit comfortably in the chair.
Considering the ageing demographic in the UK wouldn’t it be great if DFS could offer a similar type of bespoke personalisation!
Unusually, I didn’t see any links to social media on their website. This strikes me as a missed opportunity as there are plenty of ways you could generate a strong following for all things sofa.
On checking their website you’ll also find out this British business has been around for over 40 years, and I like to think there is great potential for DFS to use their heritage to further support their marketing.
It’s fully understandable that DFS can’t totally abandon the value mmessages they use – it’s a tough market out there. However at the same time it’s encouraging to see them broadening their appeal with new ’emotional’ messages.
Will be good to see what they have planned for 2013.

Making inroads with brand heritage

13 10 2012

Here’s a print ad (The Telegraph Magazine 13th Oct) showing how Jaguar Land Rover are using their heritage to support their brand.
The clean and simple “It’s in the blood” campaign uses an execution that keeps the focus on the vehicles and clearly underpins the brand’s credentials.


Simple, fun and engaging.

26 09 2012

This is a great idea from JWT Brazil. Simple, fun and engaging.
Brought to my attention by Mashable. You can read the story here:

Social commerce growing on Facebook

15 02 2011

 This week in New Media Age, Nicola Smith highlights the rise in social commerce by reporting that both French Connection and Dove are to launch Facebook stores at the end of the month. This will be in addition to others such as ASOS who are already selling directly to Facebook users. Read the rest of this entry »

Superdrug “Dares” to be different

14 02 2011

Superdrug is breaking new ground with Dare their in-store customer magazine by using watermark technology to allow customers shop from the magazine with their smartphones. Read the rest of this entry »

Ouch – Supermarket Price War Heats Up

2 02 2011

Hot on the back of my Asda post last week, Marketing Week has today reported that the supermarket has had some of its Asda Price Guarantee ads banned by the ASA, this follows complaints from Morrisons and Tesco.

You can read the feature here:


We know times are tough, however I can only stress how important it is for retailers to place a value on their own  integrity, and the need to be honest and transparent with their customers – especially when it comes to price.

This is why I particularly like JLP for staying true to being “Never Knowingly Undersold” you just can’t argue with its honesty and it certainly makes it easy for customers to trust them.

Price will continue to be central to supermarket marketing strategy.However the supermarkets have to understand that as customers become more price sensitive their pricing strategies will come under increasing scrutiny from customers and competitors, making it even more important to ensure that all price led offers and promotions are genuine and fully transparent.