Customer Service on Trial Part 2

20 08 2009

Oh dear its not looking too good, after Welsh Water called me on August 5th to tell me that someone would be contacting me to arrange a visit, guess what – no one has called. Read the rest of this entry »


Customer Service On Trial

10 08 2009

OK I’ve just come to the end of a three monthly mega wrangle with a major mobile phone company trying to sort out a series of simple problems with my father’s account. Read the rest of this entry »

Twitter where Less is More

11 05 2009

Maybe because of the well documented cases of celebrity Twitters, there is certainly no avoiding this latest Internet must use social networking site.

What I really think is clever about Twitter is that it gives you just 140 characters to say what you are doing, this is a great challenge as it makes you focus on what you are going to write. Without this limit people would be free to just ramble on and on and on, which itself is counter to the way many people are living their lives these days. For example, with the Internet and email now easy to carry in the palm of your hand, an application such as Twitter makes more sense as you can update on the move, so short sharp entries make sense.

Of course whether other people will be interested in what you Twitter is a different matter!

It will be interesting to see just how big Twitter gets, and how people use and benefit from the application.

Even more interesting will be to see what comes after Twitter.

One Life – Live It

6 01 2009

Waiting to drive across a roundabout the other day a 4×4 went past with “One Life  – Live It” written across the back window.  Being the start of 2009 it struck me as one of those beautifully to the point mantras that sums it all up in as few a words as possible. Read the rest of this entry »

When the going gets tough…….

22 05 2008

I returned from holiday last week to a very different UK, it seemed that in the space of just 10 days that the country had lost all its confidence and that gloom and doom was now order of the day. Read the rest of this entry »

Just because you can….

16 05 2008

As the saying goes “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” and I gladly took this view on my recent holiday. Read the rest of this entry »

Are Buinesses Going Green for the Planet or for Profit?

4 02 2008

The current rush by the big businesses to tell us what they are doing to “Go Green” eloquently typifies all that can be wrong and bad about marketing. The whole “we are doing our bit for the environment” message seems to be little more than tokenism by big businesses that simply want to make their customers feel good about buying their products or shopping with them. Read the rest of this entry »