Simple Marketing Part 9: Supplier Marketing

23 06 2008

You may already do this without realising it, but getting the most from your suppliers is a way of helping you to keep costs down, which in-turn helps your business to be more efficient and ultimately more profitable. Read the rest of this entry »


Simple Marketing Part 8: An Example

2 06 2008

One of the simplest ways for me to illustrate how the Simple Marketing approach to building your marketing strategy works is to give you an example based on my own experience. So here in Part 8 I will explain how I developed and deployed the marketing strategy for Opportunity Wales. I hope this will help to contextualise the previous 7 parts of the Simple Marketing Series and also help to develop the marketing focus within your own enterprise. Read the rest of this entry »

Simple Marketing Part 6: Know Your Customers

21 05 2008

Well who hasn’t said that it’s important to know your customers! But as with all information the true value comes when you collect the correct information and use it to your advantage. Read the rest of this entry »

Simple Marketing Part 4: Know Your Environment

28 04 2008

Many external factors will have an effect on your business. Identifying and monitoring them will help you to proactively market your business, and when external forces result in changing circumstance in many cases you will have already anticipated how they would impact on your enterprise, and then have in place plans to capitalise on or minimise the impact of them.  Read the rest of this entry »

Simple Marketing Part 2: Review Your Product(s)

25 04 2008

Is it too obvious to state that “your product is the most important part of your business”? Possibly yes, but then aside from manufacturing or delivering or providing it to your customers, when was the last time you fully reviewed your product? Read the rest of this entry »

Simple Marketing Part 1: Review Your Business

23 04 2008


This is an important first step, because with Marketing its all to easy to skip the foundation phase where you gain a clear understanding of how your business is performing, the issues it faces and the ways it achieve results. Read the rest of this entry »

Simple Marketing Introduction

23 04 2008

One of the biggest challenges with Marketing is determining the correct components to create an effective marketing programme for your business. Read the rest of this entry »